The Company:

I-nvention BV is an innovative design and manufacturing company with a team of 23 driven members
devided over it’s headquarters in Delft, The Netherlands and the divisions in ShenZhen, China and Santa Ana, USA. 

I-nvention distinguishes itself by constant innovation and unique products.

I-nvention has quite a few intellectual properties and the first succes story is the world’s first electronic joint called E-njoint.
E-njoint was invented and launched in 2014.


I-nvention desires to create unique, high quality and above all, fun products.

I-nvention’s motto is to not copy products, but to invent or improve products

Copyright 2020 - I-nvention BV - The Netherlands.  All Products Are Patented. model registration and trademarks apply.

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We provide services to both consumers and businesses.
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