Activated charcoal filters 

 filter out the nasty stuff... 

The Activated Charcoal Filters from I-nvention are part of every Jack-Pod Device. 

They help filter out any damaging particals while at same time enhancing the smoking experience.

The ACCF can also be used with normal rolling papers.

The filters are already a huge success in many dispensaries. 

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Many successful sellers of cannabis and related products have an important factor in common: they are aware of what contemporary customers want and are excellently capable of responding to this. Not only do they acknowledge that their consumers want the best quality cannabis and the greatest smoking and vaping experience, but they also understand the value of the related items in addition to the herbs.

Especially for those coffee shops and retailers, we have developed a revolutionary product line. This product line offers everything a cannabis professional could wish for: from grinding the cannabis into a perfect grain size and the packing of the herbs using our unique Jack-Pod system, all the way to the unique smoking and vaping experience itself.

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