You can Have Your Own private Line of the Jack-pod System.
packaging,labeling and devices.
ask us about all the possibilities.
We are happy to help.

The Jack-Pod compatible devices can be custom-made to fit your brand and wishes.

You can pick your color. you can pick the engravings. you can provide your logo. 

And if you have ideas of your own, we love to hear them.
Contact us now and let's discuss all your possibilities. 

When you filled all the Jack-Pods with the Fill-iT 50, you now can seal and label the Pods.

After that you can either package them in a hard-case Stash box of 5 or 10 pieces.

Or in the carton Match-Box 5.

All the packaging can be private labeled as well.

We'd love to tell you more about it and discuss the possibilities.


stash-box 10

stash-box 5

label applicator

 interested in private labeling ? 

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We are introducing a new and complete retail system for cannabis consumption based on controllable micro-dosing. 

The Jack-Pod System, in combination with Jack-Pod compatible Devices, allows for easy, fast & clean cannabis consumption for users.

For growers or dispensaries it offers a  fully scalable OEM pod system, that's fast & clean, which allows you to offer your customers (fully private labeled) pre-packaged cannabis. With a, not un-important, healthy profit margin.

Do you also see the potential of the, tobacco free, Jack-Pod micro-dosing System and want to partner with us ?

Please use the form and we'll contact you a.s.a.p. to tell you all about your private label possibilities.

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