convenient | precise | reproducible

 fresh | easy | clean 

 quick | smart | micro 

Designed with you, the professional, in mind.
You can fill and (private) label 50 Jack-Pods in under 3 minutes.

2.5 to be exact.. we've timed it..

Fill-it 10 Stash

2x50 Jack-pods

Fill-it 50 & fill-it 200

label applicator

use a lighter to enjoy

vaporizer for Jack-pods

comes with build-in butane torch

from combustion to convection.

these are the first in a range of jack-pod compatible devices.

Contact us to order or for more info.

You can Have Your Own private Line of
the Jack-pod System.

Your custom design on  packaging,labeling and devices.
ask us about all the possibilities.

We are happy to help.

flip-top box 5 | hard-case stash-box 10

jack-pod Seal & label applicator - 50 Jack-pods

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