The Cone+, a simple solution for a problem never solved…

The Cone+ is a pre-rolled cone made from the best quality French paper that includes an activated carbon filter, CTIP™.  A premium king-size cone for premium strains and blends, taking the experience to a HIGHER level. 

Activated Carbon, also known as ‘activated charcoal’ is not the same type charcoal used for your BBQ. It can be made from several natural products like wood, peat, lignite or (coco)nut shells but processed differently.

We achieved the best results applying coconut shells as base material and heating it to extreme high temperatures up to 900 °C  (1,650 °F). In the presence of steam, the Carbon develops many spaces or “spores” at the surface, which helps the activated Carbon to trap chemical substances like a magnet

After many months of trials and testing we have finally started the production of the Cone+™. The initial introduction of the Cone+™ will be the consumer version whereas 3x Cone+™ are packed in a convenient box that includes a paper (foldable funnel).

It is simplicity at it’s best as cannabis connoisseurs have stated. It is time to take smoking this beautiful natural plant to the next optimized level. The plant deserves it !

Fill, pack, close and enjoy. 

The Cone+™ provides the best results achievable. It doesn’t get any easier then this. Simply fill as a consumer or dispensary and enjoy the best result as throat irritating substances are removed and the natural taste seems enhanced.

Terpenes, CBD and THC. These three valuable components (and several other beneficial substances) are what we are after and naturally we don’t want to filter these components out. Laboratory tests have been performed clearly indicating that these desired components are not “caught” by activated carbon. Filter the bad, not the good…

Preparations have been made to launch the Cone+™ in bulk, for shops and dispensaries that supply filled pre-rolled cones and sales will start soon.

The Cone+ does not have any strain specific markings that force the dispensaries from keeping 10 different Cone’s in stock. Haze, White Widow, Kush… these are very common names and are most likely here to stay but I estimate cannabis strain names are added to a never ending list daily.

How much stock should you keep ?

Another simple solution. A paper sleeve placed over the tip after filling the Cone+™, indicating the strain by color, text or both.

Simply remove it before lighting up, and also be sure the tip of the Cone+™ is clean and free from nasty components you don’t want between your lips. 

If you have any questions and/or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us as we value your opinion and feedback: 

Why not try out the CTIP yourself ?