The Weezy Travel Tube
The Weezy Travel Tube

The Weezy™ - Travel Tube

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The Weezy Travel Tube is a great addition to the popular and affordable Weezy. This aluminum Travel Tube is suitable for transporting or storing the Weezy or the Weezy-S. You can easily wear the lightweight Tube around your neck thanks to the leather cord and open it with a screw cap on both sides. A great combination of convenience and design.

The sturdy, aluminum design of the Weezy Travel Tube keeps your Weezy free of dirt in your bag or pocket and keeps it well protected. We understand that you want to take good care of your favorite combustor!

Looks are also important, of course. That's why we designed the Weezy Travel Tube for you in black, gold and rose gold. So you can combine convenience with style and always have your Weezy ready for use.



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