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If you are a conscious smoker, then you want to enjoy the smoking experience more but inhale less harmful substances. Specifically for that group of users, we have several excellent carbon filters in our range. These filters are very easy to use in our combustors, but because of the conical shape they can also be used to roll a joint.  


Thanks to the active operation of the filter, you can enjoy 100% of the taste with a cleaner smoking experience. In addition, you can use a filter several times, so they will last you a while.

CTIP - Activated Charcoal Filter- 25pcs

More and more smokers want the best taste experience with as few harmful substances as possible.

The patented CTIP charcoal filter makes this possible.

The activated charcoal in the filter adheres to the harmful substances in the smoke and thus ensures that these do not end up in your mouth and lungs.