• Jack-Pod Box – 100pcs-€16.49-I-nvention
  • Jack-Pod Box – 100pcs-€16.49-I-nvention
Jack-Pod 100pcs Box - Disposable
Jack-Pod 100pcs Box - Disposable

Jack-Pod Box – 100pcs

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If you are familiar with our Jack-Pods, then you know the advantages of this unrivaled system. The easy way you can smoke with these capsules, the simplicity of filling the Pods with your favorite herbs, and the fact that the Pods fit in all our combustors.

More and more people are discovering this pleasant way of enjoying pure herbs without any tobacco.

With the Jack-Pod Box 100pcs, you have a nice supply of empty Jack-Pods that will last you quite a while. Fill these Pods at home super-fast with the Fill-iT 10 Tool. The Pods are ready to use within minutes and you can start enjoying your herbs immediately.

The Jack-Pod Box contains 100 empty Jack-Pods. These Pods are divided into 2 foam sheets. The foam sheets can be broken into smaller strips of 10 Jack-Pods and stored in, for instance, the Stash-10, which comes with the Fill-iT-10 Tool. You can also store individual-filled Pods and take them with you in our various handy Stash-Tubes.

Of course, the Jack-Pod Box 100 comes with everything you need: including Pods and lids with sealing labels already attached so that the Pods remain airtight after filling. 



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