• Cone+ - 3-pack (white)-€1.61-I-nvention
  • Cone+ - 3-pack (white)-€1.61-I-nvention

Cone+ - 3-pack (white)

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The Cone+ is the solution for people who can't or don't want to roll. 

3 cones, in a handy package provided with a well, thought-out cardboard tool that can be used to mix the grinded material and fill the premium Cone+.

Many people are used to roll a joint with a paper tip that only filters herbs and tobacco particles. Because the Cone+ is produced with a CTIP™ activated carbon filter, many harmful substances are filtered out of the smoke without filtering the desired substances. 

The result is a smooth, non-irritating smoke where the natural flavors prevail simply because the unpleasant and often harmful substances are removed. Due to the good filtering, the CTIP™ is very suitable for smoking pure herbs without coughing.

The Cone+ is available in French Brown and White 14 GSM paper.

For more information on the CTIP™ filter: CTIP™ - Activated Carbon Filter


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