• The Weezy-S CTIP-€8.22-I-nvention
  • The Weezy-S CTIP-€8.22-I-nvention
The Weezy-S CTIP - 2020
The Weezy-S CTIP - 2020

The Weezy-S CTIP

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The Weezy-S is the popular Weezy’s (straight) brother. With its slim aluminum design, this Weezy-S is a stylish and easy way to enjoy your herbs to the fullest. A very affordable combustor like the Weezy-S is a perfect alternative to the joint: get all the advantages and none of the disadvantages. For many users, the reason to use the Weezy-S is the pure smoking experience without tobacco.

The Weezy-S comes with a reusable capsule which you can easily fill yourself. The capsules of our unrivaled Jack-Pod system also fit into the Weezy-S. These Jack-Pods can be filled with the Fill-iT 10 Tool or purchased from one of the affiliated coffee shops. Place the capsule in the Weezy-S, light it and start enjoying it immediately. After use, throw away the Jack-Pod. The reusable capsule can be used again next time. We recommend cleaning the capsule with cleaning alcohol after 5-10 uses.

A nice advantage of the Weezy-S is the option to place the CTIP carbon filter in the mouthpiece. Thanks to this carbon filter you can enjoy 100% of the taste without inhaling too many harmful substances. A good and healthier choice for conscious users. We recommend replacing the filter after 5-10 Jack-Pods or reusable capsules.

The length of 102 mm and the light weight of 15 grams makes the Weezy-S easy to carry. We developed the unique Weezy Travel Tube for this. Would you like to bring an extra supply of herbs? Take a look at the Stash Tube 4+, including 4 reusable capsules, or the Stash Tube 4 that holds 4 Jack-Pods.



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