we are the Dutch masters of cannabis retail innovations

Introducing the 

a Micro-dosing system, 
taking cannabis retail to the next level…
(think, Nespresso™* cups for cannabis)

the system covers 3 easy steps :

1.  fill  it

2.  stash  it

3.  enjoy  it

1.  fill  it

2.  stash  it

3.  enjoy  it

1. fill iT

one Jack-POd is filled with a maximum of 0.2 grams of grinded Dry flower
(depends on how fine you grind the material)

fast & easy

for your convenience you can fill 10, 50 or 200 jack-pods in one go with these systems

fill-it 10 (consumer)

< 2 minutes

fill-it 50 (professional)

< 3 minutes

fill-it 200 (professional)

< 4 minutes

2. stash iT

there are several easy ways to take the filled jack-pods with you or package them for your customers

stash t​​ubes (consumers)

stash - 3x

stash - 4x

private label options

fliptop-box 5x

stash-box 10x

3. enjoy iT

there are 3 jack-pod compatible devices at the moment:

The Weezy

the hero


the rebel


(COMING soon)

from combustion to convection. these are the first in a range of jack-pod compatible devices.

Contact us to order or for more info.

You can Have Your Own private Line of the Jack-pod System.
packaging, labeling and devices.
ask us about all the possibilities. We are happy to help.

Everything for the professional.
Fill and (private) label 50 or 200 Jack-Pods in under 3 minutes...


The Jack-Pods come fully to their own in the Jack-Pod Compatible devices.
The Jack-Pod Devices on their turn get complimented by a range of Accessories .

​World Wide Impact

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